About Us

Bringing the farm to the City.

The chaotic lifestyle of the 21st century has forced us into making everything quick and convenient. In this hurry, a lot of modern lifestyle norms have affected our health.

One of them is the food system that has invented frozen foods and stored foods.

Supply chains with long-distance shipping need to store food for a long time under freezing temperatures, or outside, which breaks down the nutrition value. And hence offerings from farmer's markets and streets market are healthier.

Making it even fresher, Urban Khet picks up fresh veggies and fruits from farms in and around the city of Ahmedabad ensuring the delivery reaches your doorstep within 8 hours of the harvest. UrbanKHET has been operational since January 2019 and has collaborated with various government and private organizations with a growing base in Gujarat.

It is a mighty community of growers, innovators, and engineers in Ahmedabad disrupting the food system for the best. We are farmers plus transporters of the 21st century bringing the most natural food at your doorstep. They are neither stored nor frozen!

Get access to handpicked organically grown, chemical-free, fresh harvest straight from farms. Subscribe to our daily or weekly packages, customize by filling your farm box with your favorite fruits and veggies. And forget that you had to pick up your produce at a specific location and time.

So, now you know where to get real fresh fruits and vegetables from! We are here to disrupt the toxic food supply chain and build a healthy tomorrow for the present and future generations!

Connect with Urban Khet and make your life healthier and more convenient!


OUR Founder

Priyam Sameer

Believer -Researcher -Dreamer -Disruptive

Priyam Sameer grew up with a strong liking for innovation. While pursuing civil engineering, he worked as an intern at a Canadian agro-based industry in Bangalore where he was introduced to the concept of aquaponics. He developed a keen interest in the agricultural ecosystem which prompted the CEO of the company to personally mentor Priyam. This sparked the fire which later stimulated him to lay the foundations of his startup, Urban Khet during his third year of engineering.

Priyam always pondered that food is the key to survival, yet it is not the centre of town planning. Food is grown thousands of kilometres away from cities and not in the midst of it. In an interview with GUSEC, Priyam Sameer adds, “Agriculture is a deep bottleneck in this country. India fast-forwarded through all industrial revolutions, and nobody cares about the farmers. We’ve taken food for granted.” That’s when he set out on a vision to connect farmers and their fresh produce directly to urban consumers.

They harvested, sort, packaged fresh produce themselves, eliminating middlemen. Deliveries started reaching urban homes within 8 hours of harvest. As a result of this farm-to-home food supply, farmers began receiving 20-50% more income than usual.

Transforming Priyam’s vision and mission into reality, Urban Khet is excavating a direct road to the greatest level of transparency possible in the food supply chain.

Explore, and enjoy the freshest food available at Urban Khet while supporting the farmers that bring the love to you!

Forging a way ahead, Priyam has a bigger vision in mind to help people grow urban farms right in the heart of the city. As more and more consumers are connecting with Urban Khet, the vision is soon to be a reality in Ahmedabad and beyond.

Meet The Team

Vighnesh  Jain

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/vighnesh-jain-abb8531b4/

Business Analyst 


Kshitija contractor    

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Sales &  Marketing Manager


Jaydatt Pandya

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Data Science & Technical Executive